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I’m not going to get my feelings hurt that I didn’t win the Atlanta Press Club’s Journalist of the Year Award for Multimedia/Online Reporting. For, bless my own heart, I didn’t even realize there WAS such a catagory to compete in! Else I’d have submitted an entry. And bless my heart again, I’m even a rather active member of the APC. My bad for not being involved enough to know.

But bless their hearts too at the APC as their outreach to non-traditional media sources, such as blogs, bloggers, video bloggers, content creators, indie-style reporters, writers, commentators and journalists, really just kinda sucks. Even within their own plantation. No sour grapes though, but I’ll be ready for next year with plenty of submission possibilities to shuffle through for consideration by then.

So any other multimedia/online reporter/journalist/writer/blogger types out here in Georgia…. be thinking of entering regional journalism competitions with your most-excellent work too. (I’ll be sure to let you know when the deadline for submissions is for next year’s APC’s annual awards.) You’re ready to take this next important step, and so is your good work.

And congratulations to Jason Bronis of the AP for winning this year’s APC’s Journalist of The Year Award in the Multimedia/online Reporting category. I’d link you to something of his, but I might get sued!

If you’re interested you will find, behind the break, a typical sampling of my multimedia/online reporting work (this time for the Huffington Post’s Off The Bus project) and how it was singled-out as what that particular online political reporting project is looking for.


Thanks everyone for your incredible response to our call to write for OffTheBus. We received hundreds of submissions, they jammed our inboxes, and so we have been publishing them throughout the last week. We’re also grouping many of them together to form features on the most popular topics.

In fact, your enthusiastic response has led us to up the ante: we’re bumping up the standards, accepting only the very best submissions going forward.

What are the best submissions? We are not looking for casual opinion pieces. Those are great for your personal blogs. We are looking to publish reporting and analysis based on new observations.

Some of what we liked best from last week’s round:

* Grayson Daughter took her video camera to an Obama grassroots parking lot voter rally in South Carolina. The state is in play for the Democrats for the first time in a very long time and, in a state that has seen ugly campaigns in the past, the volunteers she spoke with were all new to politics. In her short piece, she delivered evidence in support of larger themes and a view of the campaign there on the ground.

* Virginia Gilbert went to an “Oil-Free President” protest in St Louis and through her questions and observations filed a report on the way political engagement is evolving, a snapshot of an intersection of online and offline activity.

* Taye Foster Bradshaw reported from an Obama Campaign party platform meetings, where Democratic voters are meeting this week and next to talk about the positions and policies the Party should adopt for the fall. Taye attended the very first one held in the nation, in St Louis, where she lives. What was on people’s minds? What did they want the Democrats to address? Not rising gas prices. Not national security. (Stay tuned… we’re holding onto her story.)

You can report on the Obama campaign from a platform meeting, too, and discover how your local Democrats are responding to the same challenge, if they are responding, and how effectively you think the Obama Campaign is working these events. How are these platform parties succeeding or failing to boost Obama’s electability, further his agenda and his brand? The platform parties are open forums and they’re a great opportunity to file a strong report on local campaign politics.

Attending and reporting on the Platform Meetings is this week’s OffTheBus Special Ops assignment. You can get the assignment details by signing up here. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND THE EVENT WITHOUT FIRST JOINING THE TEAM, AND DOWNLOADING THE RELATED REPORT FORM. We welcome your stories, but the data requested on the report form is essential.

Can’t make it to a platform party? Bring us back the raw story from another campaign-related event: a McCain headquarters opening party, a stump speech, a rally, a book signing. Talk to the volunteers canvassing your district. Make it rich and exciting and full of detail.

Got questions? Ask me… and put them to your fellow writers! Just join our social networking site ( and join the “otb writers group” (pg. 2 of groups). You can use that space to share drafts, ask questions, get feedback, and however else you’d like to use it.

Thanks again. We look forward to your submissions.

John Tomasic

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