Welcome To The Blogosphere Day For AJC Staff


I hear it’s cut day at the AJC today, Wednesday. Many heads on the block, and not just in editorial. Hmmmm. We shall see. Romenesko will probably get any news first. But anyone is free to leave comments here, or email me with info. Post anonymously if you feel like you need to. Let it out, baby, let it out.

Discretion is always a top priority on MM. (No, I will never name names. The only time I EVER named a name was when the S.E.C., uh, formally asked me to. Once. It involved a CEO I’d interviewed for a magazine. Long story.) Email is: spaceygracey at bellsouth dot net.

UPDATE: No sooner did I hit the “Publish” button, then low and behold, up pops the news here. And here.

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