What Has Senator Saxby Chambliss Done For You?


Those wacky YouTubers out there! Those crazy kids. But hey, they never vote anyway, so what’s the worry?

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  1. Dear Senator Chambliss;
    I am a disabled citizen of Georgia who has worked 2 and 3 jobs until June 11, 2008. I am having a hard time trying to collect my disability benefits and my attorney said to get in touch with you and you might could assist me. I was working 3 jobs when I had back surgery and need possibly 2 more, as well as have multiple other medical problems which my doctors said would provent me from working again ever. I had a bankrupcty case that I was paying on at $603.00 a month until I could no longer work, but then I sent what I was able to borrow from family, friends or sell jewelry, furniture and other items to raise money to send, but my attorneys for my bankruptcy were of no help after receiving their funds when it got to where I had no money coming in. My attorney for my disability case said you might could assist with this as well, I am to the point that I don’t know who to turn to, Social Security told me I have too much education not to be able to find a job, but when you tell employer’s you have back problems and have to be able to move around freely as well as have a weight limit – that stops the interview. Do you have any advice or contacts that might assist my attorneys. It is now to the point I have to worry about paying all bills again and buy meds, but I still have no money coming in. My son and mother provide me a place to live, but that is all they are able to assist me with, can you help?

    Sincerely yours,
    Joy Willis France
    130 Otis Willis Road
    Vidalia, Georgia 30474
    Phone 912-246-4578
    Message Phone 912-538-8834


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