Bless This Transition


Why is it so easy to instantly forget the humanity that exists within an entire industry? Newspapers in this case. Hell, in cyberspace it’s easy to forget just about anything we used to be tactilely associated with.

Standing within six feet of three Pulitzer Prize winners in Journalism, at a party (I crashed) to honor Hank Klibanoff’s departure from the AJC (Klibanoff himself a Pulitzer winner for the book The Race Beat) an unexpected wave of sober, strong admiration for the people who are going to now face the end of their industry as we all knew it came upon me. It dawned on me that these people will face the end of an era, the end of their industry, with strength and dignity and humor, and a respect for their colleagues in a way that will humble us all.

I Twittered some during the party and took a few of those grainy indoor iPhone snaps. But I really wish I had live-streamed; the toasts and the roasts were good, but mostly, folk out here in the swirl of the Internet’s crashing vastness need to witness the humanity of which I so glibly, and merely, blog about.

This post put together by Cat Stevens’ Teaser and The Firecat.


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