The Internets Giveth. And The Internets Taketh Away Too.


Obama has severely dissed those who gave life to his campaign. By selling out on FISA. Don’t be surprised then if “they” seek to turn the tide. The party won’t (can’t really) turn the tide, of course. But the people sure can. They made him; they can destroy him. Yikes all around!

And yeah, this has EVERYTHING to do with Georgia, kiddies. Link and learn. With Obama cuttin’ that ad for John Barrow, well… that was about the sharpest slap in the face to “the netroots” you could possibly have gotten from someone you thought was your, uh, BFF for life.) From Sam Stein, writing for the Huffington Post:

Obama’s decision to embrace a compromise on FISA legislation — a virtual slap in the face to some progressive bloggers demanding no legal immunity for telecommunications companies — was the catalyst of the recent chatter. Other concerns arose days prior when Obama cut an advertisement on behalf of a conservative southern Democrat whose primary challenger was favored by the liberal blogosphere.

But for some progressive activists, the issue is not simply one of policy, but a concern that Obama’s willingness to snub their political wishes is far more endemic.

Read more here.


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