Alert The Media! Reporters Love Jesus Too!


The way this reporter handles a Government Jesus freak, one who happens to be controlling large amounts of taxpayer dollars in St. Louis, makes him my latest fave local TV news reporter. Watch and learn, kiddies.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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  1. Oooh, icky to the max! I don’t think the reporter “handled” the Jesus freak at all. He should have said, “Do you know how inappropriate it is for you to try to deflect legitimate questions about government activities by preaching to me?” At least, that. Besides, the report was muddled and incomprehensible beyond belief.

    But don’t get me started about local news. Years ago, all knowledgeable researchers, copy editors and assignment managers working in local TV news were rounded up and sent to a remote island, never to be heard from again. That gave us the local garbage passing as news today.

    Then came cable news, and all of their copy editors soon met the same fate. Now I fear that broacast network “newsies” who over the decades cared most for quality and clarity might not be long for this world. That’s because, more and more, I see evening news reports on the major networks that leave gaping holes where basic information should be. Where are the editors? Where are the quality-control folks? That island of exile must be getting crowded.


  2. They all left to go “do PR”, hon. Ages ago. In other words, they sold-out because their wives had to have a remodeled kitchen, they had to have a Beemer, and their kids had to go to Ivy League. Maintaining the status quo = total mind rot.


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