Media Culture Clash


Old Media “slow and unresponsive?” Say it isn’t so. From TVNewswer today:

The New York Times’ Brian Stelter writes about former ABC correspondent Amanda Congdon, who has returned to her roots as a video blogger.

In September, Congdon left ABC News after a brief stint with the network.

Now Stelter reports Congdon is moving back to the web. “Congdon, feeling a little burned by big media, is back blogging and hosting and producing,” he writes. “Working with the independent production studio Media Rights Capital, she is reintroducing herself on ‘Sometimes Daily,’ an irregular look at life through Ms. Congdon’s eyes.”

Regarding her time at ABC News, Stelter writes, “She found producers at ABC to be unresponsive to her ideas, calling it a ‘slow and messy process.'”

The ladies of TrueGritz had something to say about Ms. Congdon when she first went to play in the Old Media playground.

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