The Kids Are Alright


As I spent most of high school (senior year at least) skipping class to go skiing at the lake, hanging on warmed car hoods in not much more than a bikini, REOJourneyWagon blaring, watching the rednecks and townies drag race, I’m constantly amazed to find that kids do otherwise with their youthiness. The recent Intel International Science and Engineering Fair here in Atlanta was a glaring example of Kids Gone Good. Shelby Highsmith was there, with cam rolling.

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  1. Brainy science kids is not a very sexy topic, and so it is no surprise this interesting event was under-covered. But the good ol’ Voice Of America sent a stringer to cover this event – our friend Mike Cooper – and here is his report:

    [audio src="" /]

    Note the reporter’s intentional over-enunciations. It is a VOA requirement as the story will air in many areas on shortwave only. Talk about yer old media….


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