RIP Bobby Mondavi


Now there goes a great man, that Robert Mondavi. I’d trade all the mansions and money in the world just to see my precious brother John (always 100X more charismatic than any, say, Bill Clinton) walk right through the front door again – box of wine in one hand, bag of weed in the other. A Camel hanging from his grinning lips. And always a roaring party like it’s 1981 trailing in his every beautiful wake. Ahhhh…. the good ‘ole boxed wine times.

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  1. Okay, sometimes I just say “WTF?” and go on, but this time I have to ask: What’s the video got to do with Robert Mondavi dying, who are the performers, and who is Brother John? Don’t tease me so much. I am fragile.


  2. The video has absolutely nothing to do with Bobby Mondovi’s death. I just kinda liked it. It’s Kathleen Edwards and John Doe (X) singing a famous Emmylou and Gram Parsons duet.

    Brother John is Brother John. He always liked boxed wine. I assume he still does, but I haven’t seen him in a couple of years, so was just missing him some.

    Randomness for randomness’ sake here on Mostly Media. Nothing more, nothing less.


  3. Thang is, I’m a bit linear. Trying to change that, though. I think randomness can be refreshing and clever and insouciant and lipitor (okay, I ran out of whatever I was doing). Thanks for the ‘splanation.


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