YouTube: Now a Critical (Real or Fake) Broadcast News Component


Yes, unless you’re working the YouTubes as a vital (critical even) component of a newsroom (real or fake kind) you’re going to lag a few weeks, days or, gasp, even hours behind… well, everything now. SNL’s head writer explains how his show is blending the old-school with new-school. And lovin’ every minute of it too. From MediaBistro today:

The Internet seems to have had an impact on SNL starting a couple years ago, with digital shorts added as a regular fixture. Then SNL moved out of YouTube and into embeddable clips this year, and last week it introduced the SNL Politics Web site. What do you think of SNL‘s involvement with the Internet?

Well in a lot of ways, some of it happened naturally. We hired three funny guys who made their hay making Internet videos, and that sort of happened for us, which is really nice. But also — as the Internet developed — I think SNL pieces are the perfect size for the Internet. So I think there’s a marriage that was meant to happen, and it was just a matter of having the technology kept up. I have to tip my cap to Hulu — I think it’s a great site. The nice thing about working for a place like NBC is that they put the effort behind us to make the show as well-set for the future as possible.

And where does any broadcaster get their “real” news from? Why NPR of course. Because, for the very reasons the SNL writer says here, it’s simply a CRITICAL component to any kind of multi-tasker as they go about their day:

I listen to NPR in the morning because it’s a news source you can listen to while you play video games. So I can merge two of my worlds in one awesome newsgathering and entertainment-playing moment.

Takeaway? Best mix it all up, because one thing that will inevitably fail you is some desperate need to cling to old ways – and old rules. Full interview with SNL writer is here.

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