Welcome To The TWO-Way Info Highway, Son


Here’s yet another case of a person with a MSM background jumping into the blogosphere, likely thinking they’re going to be a big shot here too, and that you just kinda dupe everything over the way you were taught to do on whatever news farm you was raised up on.

I don’t know why, but almost inevitably, one of the first things these men folk do (it’s always the men folk, never the women) is come after me. When I am inevitably the very first and bravest blogorati wench to champion their very, albeit virtual, existence in the first place!

Oh well. I guess they too will figure out that such betryals will cost dearly as I will just inevitably, sigh, write a few retorts hither and yon, if I can even be bothered to do so that is; then calmly burn their fields, behead their wives, and steal their children to polish my silver. And to think it didn’t need to end-up so ugly. Pity really.

Have the parlor maid wake me at noon, James. And no sooner.

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  1. Your apoplexy is part of your charm. But it does make your musings an awfully easy target sometimes.

    If it eases your soul, I will donate some freshly-polished silver to your drawer of male betrayal artifacts. 🙂


  2. Come to think about it, I am missing a serving piece from my spectacular Court of David St. Hubbins vintage set…


  3. And I suppose I could make nice, if I really wanted to, as at least you didn’t declare my writing “hysterical.” Just merely apoplectic. Gawd forbid I actually drop the nail file while bothering in the first place to blog about our mutual, metro Atlanta issues.


  4. Aww Grayson why you be beatin up on poor ol Doug Richards so bad? Maybe I am partial to the guy cos he did a profile of Space Ghost back at the dawn of the show when few people took it seriously or even got it. In his WAGA piece he did both, quite prescient of him. He always did above average, caring work at WAGA and it is a shame he left. I don’t know him & I don’t know why he left; downsized I would suppose. So now he does this blog which you link to, and lately have taken issue with, yet I think Live Apartment Fire is an excellent piece of work, his opinions are spot on, his prose is precise and creative. It is a look into a world he really knows and that no one else in town is writing about in such interesting detail. It would be one thing if he was screaming I AM NEW MEDIA NOW NOTICE ME, but he’s not. His approach is very understated, very personal, he doesn’t seem to give a damn if he has 3 readers or 3000, he’s not trying to encroach on anyone’s territory. He just has some wise thoughts from his lengthy experience he’d like to share, as do you on your space. You are nice. Doug seems nice. Let’s all be nice.


  5. ok,enough….how about this….SpaceyG? What is the story? The youtube video bounced around the StarShip several days before you bloggers picked up on it. We just could not figure out the Story. Nutso woman goes wacko on the Marta train…and Marta needs to respond how? its their fault how? The Battle-Star kicked into
    time warp once Marta falls to so-called blog pressure.
    She turned herself(or her family did-great family how about med help instead the hooskow) Give it a rest. The blog world is not banana-pudding for the electronic generation. We old farts in the old school due at least try to be balanced and not infect our rants with onesided views. Come down from the mountain before you get a nose bleed.
    (the cool thing about my job…most people watch
    history on the boob tube…I get to live it!)


  6. The reason this was a compelling story was quite obvious in the way the urban community responded to it. Very viscerally. Very emphatically. Very engaged. The only thing you seem engaged in is your bloated ego. Go back out to the pasture, old fart. No need to bloviate around here.


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