Update on MARTA’s Soulja Gal


According to WSB-TV’s 5pm show (Monica Kaufman Pearson is hot for this story, now that the weekend is over) MARTA’s Soulja Gal’s (Nafiza Ziyad) victim will not be pressing charges. Seems she knew the girl’s family, and knew that the girl was “troubled.” That could explain why she remained so calm during Nafiza’s outburst. And could be that she’s just plain old-school and wishes no further embarrassment on this family.

The elderly victim also turns out to be the mother of the Morehouse football coach. Pearson had an exclusive interview with the mother of Nafiza, the very troubled young lady staring in the viral video.

Since WSB-TV updates their website about once a year it seems, I won’t bother to link you there. Not yet at least. The best place to keep up with this story remains the blogosphere.


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