The Dog Attack Madness Must Stop


Another day, another innocent metro Atlanta area child mauled by a family, friend’s or neighbor’s dog. How much longer does this hell for children have to go on until dangerous dogs are put down?

Below is the note my child pasted on my bedroom wall this past Sunday, Mother’s Day. Two years ago, Mother’s Day 2006, my child too was attacked by a dog, one “owned” by very stupid, irresponsible people.

And every day I pray, hard, with relief that she is alive to write me any kind of note on Mother’s Day. May you and your child never have to live through that kind of hell. May your children never have to leave you Mother’s Day notes like this. But as long as stupid people keep dangerous animals any place near children, we are all vulnerable. 



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  1. I was taking a walk last night by a neighborhood school when four dogs ran up from the playground and starting barking at me. The owner said it was my fault because I grabbed a stick in case I needed to defend myself.
    A few weeks earlier, the same owner said he would ” kick your fucking head in” if I touched his dogs.
    I am a tall man, and the dogs left without incident.
    This should be a felony.


  2. At, we are all too familiar with these dog owners. They are fully aware of the collateral damage they inflict upon society and they DO NOT CARE. They are destroying families, communities and our billion-year-old relationship to dogs. Age-old dog legislation was not designed for these people nor their dangerous, vicious dogs. We need new legislation now, in every town across the United States of America.

    The situation is indeed dire.


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