MARTA To SpaceyG: “Have A Good Weekend.”


I’m trying hard, moreorless, here at the laptop to get to the bottom of this MARTA Media Mess. I got a lady from MARTA on the phone, who asked if I was a “TV station.” (Well, I can be!) When I told her I was a blogger, gave her my real name and my company name, the MARTA employee then said I’d have to call back Monday and talk to Media Relations.

I repeatedly, and politely, asked her if she could make someone available to talk about this little media situation going on, like, right now, and whether someone at MARTA knew if the video on YouTube was real or fake. The unidentified MARTA spokesperson told me, repeatedly, “Have a good weekend.” She then hung up on me.

Maybe you can call and get something out of MARTA on a weekend. The number is: 404-848-4900. Tell ‘em you’re Rupert Murdoch.


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