Dolphins Don’t Belong In A Goddamn Museum


I’m sorry, Bernie. I love you to death. Working for you and your go-go company for all those years was a win-win for all involved. I made you lots of really boring, but nice-to-look-at videos and broadcasts; you gave me lots of money and stock options in return. What’s not to like? And I’ve enjoyed your marvelous fish tank downtown on many occasions. I even buy the annual pass and take relatives from out of town to stand around and gape at your marine goodies.  

But dolphins don’t belong in downtown Atlanta.  They’ll either get jacked-up by a thug or panhandled until they’re totally pissed off. Stop this dolphin nonsense before I come down there with some signs and a video crew, dammit.


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  1. Unless those dolphins sing and dance to the latest Beyonce Knowles song I can’t be bothered. Once you’ve seen Shamu you’re spoiled for anything else. After Sea World, aquatic life that just swims around eating plankton all day strikes me as lazy.


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