Citizen Journalists Noted In Variety


Variety Magazine notes the use of the Nokia95 together with for live-streaming whatever over the Interwebs. Of course Variety, being Variety, drapes the use of social media in celeb-ridden standards of normacy, but what the hay.

Through use of social media tools, I’ve know both people cited in this article, Steve Garfield and Jim Long, for a while now. Both are longtime in the social media/video kingdom.  From Variety:

When NBC cameraman Jim Long used Qik to webcast a short interview with Bob Geldof while traveling with President Bush, Long wove in a question from one of his viewers. Geldof addressed the questioner by name. “In addition to ‘Meet the Press,’ now we can have ‘Meet the People,'” Long later wrote on his blog.

Full article here. Now if the ACJ, for instance, ever notes how, for instance, Shelby uses the N95 and Qik. One other note, although Jim Long is a staff cameraman for NBC, based out of their DC bureau, he does a ton of indie online media on his own dime/time. Sometimes they all mash-up together, as during his trip to SXSW. But I know him almost exclusively by the big new media footprint he leaves in his gregarious, appealing wake.

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