CNN’s iReport – All About It


Here’s a feature that aired on CNN-International about CNN’s citizen journalism platform, iReport. It includes bons video motes from me, SpaceyG. More about reporting on iReport here.

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  1. It drives me nuts that there are these mountains of incredible opportunity I never would’ve dreamed of when I was a 22 year old eager intern at HD-TV, yet my days are spent in a call center. Continually the Mostly Media blog kicks me in my rear and tells me to get going. One day I shall be back in the saddle as never before! iReport here I come!


  2. Art hon, I wouldn’t fret it so. We didn’t have fun stuff like iReport back then. Hell, all we had was MTV in the cul-du-sac, and maybe some seeds and stems from someone’s cousin in Cartersville. These is high(er) times indeed.


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