Blogger’s Atlanta Press Club Angst


What if a blogger wants to join the Atlanta Press Club? Have they committed enough “real” journalism to qualify for admission? From John at the Dunwoody North Civic Association blog:

Since at least one Georgia politician believes that I have used my site as a public whipping post and therefore need to be more ethical in my news coverage. I reviewed the prices and noted that APC members were free to this event where non-members were asked to pay, because of this I figured it was a great day to register to be a member. Looking at the membership dues of $40.00 for active journalists and $90.00 for non-profit organizations, I figured that this little blog would qualify me for the better rate. After applying, the nice people at the APC didn’t reject me straight out but they wanted to know my qualifications as a journalist, they wanted writing samples of my published works.

Full blog post here, where you can find out what happened to John’s membership request. If I was John, I’d have demanded the latest blog samples of the “nice people” at the Press Club who were judging credentials.


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