When Yankees Come To Call


Jeff Pulver is quite the gentleman. He flew all the way to Atlanta, on his way to Tel Aviv, to host a social media tagging breakfast for us Atlanta folk. When his guests arrived at the charming Anthony’s restaurant on Piedmont, they were handed a baggie full of social media tagging tools – little labels you could write something on, then stick on yourself and others as you got to know something about them.


The baggies turned out to be multi-functional as I placed business cards I gathered throughout the meeting into mine. But when I had a Southern Lady Accessory Malfunction (my pearls suddenly gave up the ghost in mid-chat with some telco person; hate when that happens), I simply gathered them up off the floor and put them in the same baggie for safekeeping.

Social media – it’s as versatile as you want it to be! Although I suspect that if you scratch the surface on 40% of the people intrigued by social media you will find the latent cameraperson/documentarian. Jeff’s live-streamed video here and here.

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