AJC Wets Its Pants Over Boring Corporate Video


Having produced years of really boring corporate videos myself, all underscored with a similar, sleep-inducing canned looped score, I fail to see anything remotely compelling about this one, other than nice cheekbones maybe. Yet it’s the most-clicked story on AJC.com today, making a compelling case for just how culture & arts-deprived the Georgia plebe public tragically must be.

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  1. You are zackly right, Grace. Boring, boring, boring. Even the high cheekbones and the super-duper-Bartiromo lips can’t help this one. Maybe the idea is to put passengers to sleep so that they won’t scream on take-off.


  2. I have to disagree. It’s not cutting-edge. But compared to the typical “insert the belt into the buckle and tighten” video shown on aircraft, I can see why Delta might be a bit giddy about this. I love the way the narrator is framed in the aisle. And it has a bit of a wink to it– especially when she talks about the unlikely event of a water landing. Who hasn’t smirked at that? Plus the cheekbones do help. The flight attendant is stunning– though not enough to make me watch the entire video.


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