The Dirt On Atlanta Local News


Welcome to the blogosphere, Live Apartment Fire! Former Channel 5 reporter Doug Richards has a delightful new blog about Atlanta media, mostly the local TV “news” scene he’s intimately familiar with.

Live Apartment Fire is terrific, as not only does it take the piss out of the often very funny abomination that is (most) local TV news coverage, it offers a delightful place to place your comments about your fave Atlanta Johnny On The Spotters too. And trust me, the industry folk are going to be reading LAF as much as the dot gov’ers hit Peach Pundit on a daily basis. Where else can they get daily, real-time, uh, insight into their very own MO?

In between is some much-needed analysis of the entire industry. This blog fills an enormous void created by the lack of commentary and feedback on the Atlanta TV news broadcast industry… an industry that discovered, for example, I-related interactivity and the power of YouTube only last weekend.

Go Doug Go!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, G. Live Apt Fire tries to give some voice to the musings and frustrations overhead (and uttered by me) within the local TV news industry over 27 years. My only complaint is: I enjoyed NOT watching TV news since I left it in July. Now I watch as a heckler– but also an admirer, when it’s worth admiring.


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