When Men Cry


My mother and I have never been close. We share feelings and reflections amongst ourselves about once a decade at best. This is of course no fault of mine, the ever dutiful daughter, naturally enough. Yeah, sure… Still, no matter who’s quite willing to keep the other at arm’s length emotionally, the fact of the matter is that we stray conversationally into personal reflection or even mere ancedote by accident, surely not by design, such as the time my mother remarked rather out of the blue that she had seen my stepfather cry only once, when John Lennon was murdered.

As an adult, I’ve of course since seen men cry. Not terribly often, and it’s always an act that is both greatly unnerving and yet priviledged to bare witness to. I’m becoming more accustomed to the phenomenon of men crying though with the non-profit project, NPR’s StoryCorps, what could very well be the singular public media forum, ever perhaps, whereby men seem willing and capable of fully expressing themselves with their personal detail storytelling. Or maybe it’s that the audio-only presentation of StoryCorps is so powerful and intimate?

And yes, I suspect I have always been monumentally judgemental of people I feel judge incapable of expressing themselves well. So many men, and my mother, seem unable to do just that. StoryCorps is a medium that allows men to communicate on an emotional level… so thus I’d be quite willing to say that it benefits me personally and society… on many levels.


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