Obama’s Preacher Man


This whole thing is amusing as last time I checked, plenty of white “goddamn America” is all for electing Obama Prez of this “goddamn America.” For the record, yes, I was offended by this charlatan preacher’s words and actions. Other than perhaps a history of slavery in “goddamn America” that was perpetuated by a very few priviledged white folk, I have no idea where some black people get off thinking all white people are so f-in priviledged. That’s about like saying all black people hate white people… and I know that simply is not true.  

In all reality, some of the worst, most horrendous cases of abuse and neglect and suffering I’ve known are from within supposed “priviledged” white people and their families.

Such idiot wailing and gnashing of teeth, and stirring-up of cheap emotions of one’s congregation in the name of Jesus is just another plebian crime of some bullshit, co-opted religion based on working oneself into a furious frenzy by going all foamy-at-the-mouth loco in public places. Someone needs to stay on their privileged white people-manufactured meds, eh?

Least Preacher Man OD on the Evil Whitey schtick, let me gently remind him that white people too gave their lives in the Civil Rights movement. One lesser known example is here.

Dude does have style and sizzle though, I’ll give him that.


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  1. Well, I dunno how much gnashing and wailing he’s doing in the name of Jesus in particular. A lot of these baptist churches are reeeeaaaally conservative in the direction of fundamentalism. And the Old Testament has plenty of examples of prophets railing against their own “nation” or people for failing to obey God and live righteous lives. Jeremiah, Amos, Malachi, Hosea, all chastising people to quit worshipping false gods, to quit being stingy on the tithes, to quit being corrupt and abusing power, or God is gonna come unload a can of holy whoopass on ya.

    If Wright still thinks injustice is still sufficient to call for such biblical railing, well, more power to him. I think he is not so much cursing us white folk as trying to remind us that God will have His vengeance on the wicked.

    You know, if you buy into that sort of thing.

    And I, for one, am really tired of the absolute demonization of the very entertainment of the suggestion of the notion that maybe, indirectly, circuitously, possibly somehow the things that happened to us on 9/11/01 might have the teensiest tiniest vaguest little connection to things we had done elsewhere in the world in the past. To act like it was as random and disconnected as getting hit with a damn meteorite while sitting at a sidewalk cafe is just to ask for it to happen again, and branding everyone who looks for foreign policy antecedents as an unpatriotic borderline traitor is jingoism at its best.


  2. Jesus or assorted prophets aside, I’m inclined to believe it’s the sheer adrenaline rush and physical thrill of the idiot-esque behavior of such wailing and the gnashing of teeth to a frenzied crowd that propells most of this, uh, infotainment style of preaching. I’d say that by doing so, one would be wallowing in a least one deadly sin as a result of such personal indulgence. Now that the Catholic Church has made-up a few more sins, he could be sinning every which way to Sunday for such extremely earthly pleasuring of himself.


  3. Disconcerting reminder that racism and bigotry is alive and thriving. Even more hideous is the fact that this man is in a position of influencing a large number of impressionable minds. Sort of depressing to think about since racism can only be wiped out when these sort of behavior among individuals of authority cease to exist.


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