RIP Lauren Burk



The RIP Lauren Burk Group on Facebook now has almost 19,000 members, one being me. There are 382 photographs there of Lauren as well, all too heartbreaking to look at. You can buy a wristband to benefit the Lauren Burk Memorial Scholarship Fund here.

I feel this sickening crime deeply. The description of the car the confessed killer was caught driving in Alabama, while trying to run away like the cowardly animal he is, matches the vehicle of the criminal who attempted to rob/assault me on New Year’s Day evening at the Ansley Mall Bank of America drive-up ATM. I have no idea if the two are the same at the moment, and chances are, they are not the same vehicle, but I’ve alerted several reporters on the Lauren Burk case to please ask investigators on the case if they have any reason to believe this murderer of Lauren Burk was in Atlanta on New Year’s Day. At least one of the murderer’s robbery/assaults was in the metro Atlanta area, a robbery and assault on an elderly woman in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

RIP Lauren.


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