Putting The Techno Zing In Your Patriot Act!


(This post cross-posted at Peach Pundit.)

Exactly how was Spitzer caught? It had something to do with what’s called a PEP List, or the or the Politically Exposed Persons list.You’ll have to listen to the whole Morning Edition/NPR story to get to the serious bank transaction monitoring goodies, but be on the lookout for the part where the person from the bank talks about how politicians in particular, of any flavor, are flagged for extra-special surveillance with the PEP List.

You can see a screen-shot sample PEP List here. Or call and order your own at: 877-922-5757. Literally hundred of thousands of “politically exposed persons” to choose from! Call now. Operators are standing by! You could very well be one! And your family too! One PEP product from Choice Point gets you all this and more. From the Choice Point website:

IntegraScreen PEP provides detailed, up-to-date information on PEPs and their families, friends and close associates. With hundreds of thousands of PEP entities from more than 3,000 sources, this seamless service will help you more quickly and easily identify politically high-risk individuals and associated entities that may be hiding in your current and prospective customer base.

And you think all banking transactions under 10K are simply ignored? Hahahahahahahah. It’s all part of Your Patriot Act!

Any more questions? Just ask Atlanta’s Choice Point. They make the seriously big bucks off of Your Patriot Act.


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  1. The so-called Patriot Act is about the most unpatriotic thing inaginable. If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then the Patriot Act is real-time proof. Why is it that the flag wavers can’t restrain themselves from trying to rip the heart out of what made this country special?


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