Touch My Screen, John King Baby


Doing what we iPhone users do all day long, CNN’s John King wowed his “Best Political Team In The Universe” viewership last night with his deft hand on the push-pull touch screen during nail-biting primary returns. Whoever sold CNN that lovely piece of gear trained King well on it.

UPDATE: Turns out the “Magic Wall” creator himself, Jeff Han, was present last night at CNN headquarters for personal tips ‘n tricks. From TVNewswer:

On the far end of the studio, Abbi Tatton was running through her script for her segment, and the accompanying work she’d have to do with CNN’s newest sensation, the “Magic Wall.” Standing a few feet away, was the Wall’s creator Jeff Han. Not its technical name, we learned what it’s actually called and what the Magic Wall can do.

Han is the founder and CEO of Perceptive Pixel, which manufactures the technology for the Multi-touch Collaboration Wall. It is more prominently used in other areas, like defense, finance and health care.

“Everybody knows about the wall now,” Han says. “People are scrambling to come up with something similar.”

He also credits John King, the master of the Wall, as a great demonstrator of his product. Han was on hand for primary coverage in case there were any problems. Before King’s segment about the Texas counties in play, he works with Han to see how closely the map can zoom in, and how quickly it can zoom back out.

Now everyone’s gonna have to have one of those babies!


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