Daryn Kagan – The One Woman Network



Daryn Kagan, yes the Daryn Kagan who was the face of CNN for many years, is now the face of indie new media with her story-driven site, Daryn Kagan.com. Here’s the story behind her stories:

Daryn Kagan is the creator and host of DarynKagan.com, an inspirational online community that features a daily Web cast of stories that, “Show the World What is Possible.” DarynKagan.com has become a daily destination for thousands of Internet users who seek news stories that inspire.  Launched in November 2006, the Atlanta Journal Constitution described DarynKagan.com as “a lively gathering spot,” while the Boston Globe noted DarynKagan.com is “bucking the media tide,” with its “emphasis on stories that illustrate the triumph of the human spirit.” 

For me, the media story that’s the most inspirational of all is that Kagan is doing exactly what she wants to be doing – on her terms. She’s cranking out fascinating, original content she creates herself… and building a network around that. Because she can.

And did I mention she’s got a book coming out too? Soon!


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  1. Hey Grayson,
    Kagan might have the baddest, indie-est, trendiest, wonderfullest website in the universe, I dunno. But she’s got a huge load of baggage: making the beast of two backs with Rush Limbaugh. ‘Scuse me while I ponder the mystery of that.

    Keep up the good work.


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