The End of America?


According to Naomi Wolf, the end is about 3/4 here already. This interview has got to be the scariest thing I’ve heard in ages. Are all New Yorkers this paranoid? (Doug sure is since he moved there.) Then again, I’m not on any TSA “Watch” list at the airports, as Ms. Wolf is… least not this week. I think.

All that can change in an instant though. Or so they say. Or we won’t say when Blackwater gets that fat contract to enforce martial law… on us.

Man, if this stuff was coming from anybody else but a New York Jewish intellectual… say a white nationalist kid from Tennessee maybe… I’m just sayin’. Funny though, gun control issues don’t come up at all in this interview. And as far as I know it, gun control law has loosened, not tightened, so if Blackwater was, and again, I’m just sayin’, to get a contract to enforce martial law, which Ms. Wolf seems to imply is moreorless an inevitability, then Blackwater might meet with more than just a little resistance… from the ghettos to the mountains I’d imagine.

Best get crackin’ on that Playlist of “Songs For When Blackwater Comes A’Calling.” Here’s one now:

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  1. I think Naomi Wolf is okay. Some of her more recent stuff puts me off – e.g., her 2003 piece about porn and men – but The Beauty Myth was a hugely important and influential book. Her 1997 book Promiscuities had a big impact on shaping the beginnings of my feminist identity when I was teenager.


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