Oh Dunwoody, So Much To Answer For



The Dunwoody Media Empire, comprised of The Crier and a blog that finds lost cats, have been pimping secession from Dekalb County – in the form of a shining City on the Perimeter… for a while now despite very little information being disseminated as to the financial ramifications of doing such a thing.

And oh how the hollerin’ raged on into the night when Rep. Jill Chambers and Rep. Hatfield voted against incorporation recently, saving Dunwoody residents from themselves, as the cat blog so un-poetically put it.

The tip line tells Mostly Media that all might not be dead in Dunwoody-based legislation at the Dome after all, thanks to specific lobbying efforts by a certain key citizen, a Dekalb resident who wouldn’t even be incorporated into a new city if there ever is some of that incorporatin’ still to be had.

In addition, the tip line tells us Rep. Hatfield may now be being persuaded (presumably by just such lobbying efforts) to change his vote to something much more favorable to the creation of a City of Dunwoody… if there was to be a resurrection of future legislation in hopes of keeping incorporation hope alive.

Keep in mind, if a City of Dunwoody happens, Dekalb County would lose its flowing-gold revenue stream (Perimeter Mall area). And hon, very nasty things have been known to happen in Dekalb Cty over lesser matters… making The Hot New Battle of Dunwoody-DeKalb the one to watch in ’08. All to be found in utterly partial, localized, micro-media.

A new media trend emerging in Atlanta? Wake me up when there’s some video I can click-on…

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  1. The above post has a mis-represenation. It states that “Dekalb County would lose its flowing-gold revenue stream (Perimeter Mall area).” The Perimeter Mall area isn’t going anywhere. DeKalb will continue to recieve about 90% of the property taxes in Perimeter Center and 100% of the county sales tax revenue. If a city is formed they will loose the business license fees and about 10% of the property taxes. The county will continue to get both of those from the part of the Perimeter Center complex that is in DeKalb, but south of Dunwoody (where the HP building is, south of 285). The County’s doom and gloom over lost revenue is just propoganda.


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