Just Darn Weird


Who’s to believe a word of this, as it’s coming from a creepy pig’s pen, but what they hay… let’s have a look:

Twice in recent days, I’ve left comments on Peach Pundit comparing the blog’s loudest “liberal” contributor to Fox News’ “liberal” personality Alan Colmes. Both are ineffectual foils whose tone and personalities discredit liberal viewpoints in front of largely conservative audiences.

Alan Colmes apparently reads Peach Pundit because last night he e-mailed me twice.

In the first e-mail, he asked me how often I watch Fox’s “Hannity & Colmes” or listen to his radio show. I replied that I don’t listen to his radio show, but I do watch “Hannity & Colmes” frequently, not regularly.

A second e-mail from Colmes arrived minutes after he was on-air speaking to Karl Rove. It said simply:

If you were more familiar with my work you probably would have written more favorably.

Original blog post here. Yep, this one goes right to Catagory WTF.

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