Remembering Danny



So many people loved and remember Danny Pearl in Atlanta because he lived and worked here for a time, and played in one of Clay Harper’s many bands. I forget which one as there have been so many since I used to bop along at The Coolies shows in those pink-haired 80’s days of yore. (If ever I’m feeling down, all I have to do to resume high spirits is recall Clay being lugged out to assume a smoke-filled stage… in a dog travel cage. Make good memories while you can, kiddies. You’ll need every one of ’em.)

Danny’s been gone for six years now.. His father writes about his son on this anniversary week of Danny’s death. From

In one memorial service for Danny, a Catholic priest made an interesting observation that, serving as a mediator of reality, the modern journalist can be likened to the Biblical prophet. My first reaction was that the comparison was too far-fetched. Yet on further reflection I came to understand his point. Who serves today as the moral compass of society, and, like the ancient prophets, risks his or her life by exposing corruption, institutional injustice, terrorism and fanaticism? The journalist.

But the Bible also offers us a foolproof test for discerning false prophets from true ones. The test is not based on the nature of the reported facts, but on the method and principles invoked in the message. Translated into secular, modern vocabulary, the true journalist will never compromise on universal principles of ethics and humanity, and will never allow us to forget that all people, including our adversaries, need be portrayed with dignity and respect as children of one God.

Accordingly, to distinguish true from false journalism, just choose any newspaper or television channel and ask yourself when was the last time it ran a picture of a child, a grandmother or any empathy-evoking scene from the “other side” of a conflict.

Full story here.

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