That’s Nice, But Does He Have A Blog?


Our pretty little InBox at Mostly Media is fillin’ up already! This just in about that skinny Ryan dude on Georgia Gang. Turns out he’s a Sewanee man. Gotta like that. As I recall, if barely, Sewanee guys were some of the oddest yet fun social deviants on the planet, although Boy Ryan doesn’t exactly strike me as a party beast. From a Georgia Chamber press release:

Ryan Mahoney, reporter for the Atlanta Business Chronicle will begin as Director of Government Affairs (presumay at the Chamber ‘O Commerce) on Tuesday, February 19. Ryan has outstanding legislative contacts from his almost four years with the Business Chronicle, is well respected for his fairness, intellect and accuracy, and is well known among many of our Georgia Chamber members.  As important, however, he brings a fresh and unique perspective on public policy and the legislative process, a deep understanding of the complexities of many of the issues in which we are actively engaged, especially transportation and health care, two issue areas covered by Brandon that will soon be in Ryan’s charge.

Those who have read Ryan’s stories, on transportation or health care, or any number of other issues, see a brilliant writer, who can break down a highly complicated story into manageable, understandable and useful words.  Those communications skills will be put to good use at the state Capitol.

In addition to lobbying at the Capitol, Ryan will be helping out with public policy, grassroots and government affairs communications.

Ryan is a 2001 graduate of The University of the South with a degree in English.  He was managing editor for his school newspaper, The Sewanee Purple.

After graduating from Sewanee, Ryan served as correspondent, web master, and reporter for three highly regarded business newspapers: the Tampa Bay Business Journal, the Birmingham Business Journal and most recently the Atlanta Business Chronicle.  He also worked for The St. Petersburg Times.  Ryan is a regular on The Georgia Gang political roundtable on FOX 5 WAGA-TV.


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